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Artur Svorobovich

Born 16 November in Shalcininkai (Lithuania), Artur is a theatre and cinema actor. He started to perform since 2011 and only a year later, he has already got his 1st award as the "best actor" in Summer Media Studio filming programme.

Currently, he regularly performs with Lithuanian and Russian theatres, meanwhile he is going to finish his studies in acting.

2012 - In summer media won best actor's nomination.
2013 - Beying in Moscow reading contest won a special actor's Smolenskij premium.

From 2011 to 2013 acted in director Jonas Vaitkus performances:
"Whoever gets slapped" - clown Tili.
"Cristmas with Ivanov family" - lumberjack, mentally ill.
"This child" - 39 yers old son.
"Deamons" by F. Dostoevsky novel - Ivan Shatov
"Onegin" by Pushkin novel - Lensky
Mono performance "Shampane" by A. Chehov novel – homeless

Henessi Schmidt

Born July 7 1995, is a young Estonian actress, model and dancer. Born and raised near Tallinn.

She was an actress for two years in Estonian TV series Kodu Keset Linna, later Elu Keset Linna.

Right now, She is learning theatre and acting in Tallinn's 32. highschool and dances in Free Flow Studio but she keeps on developing her modeling and performing careers apart from her studies.

Gabriele Malinauskaitė

Born on 21 August 1986 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Actress, singer, songwriter and performer.

Gabriele started her acting career in 1996 with the TV musical „A Little Girl with Matches“ directed by Neringa Cereskeviciene. It was a screen version of a famous fairy tale by H.C. Andersen with Gabriele as a leading actress. Over the years Gabriele was singing in „Tele-bim- bam“ band, hosted „Tele bim bam“ show page for girls „Girls' Tele bim bam“, acted in various episodes of the show. She performed the role of a „Butterfly“ in the rock opera “The Spider’s Wedding” directed by N. Cereskeviciene.

Since her childhood Gabriele has been interested in performing arts: playing the piano and guitar (she studied piano at Children‘s music school sudio at the Lithuanian Music Academy), has been singing, acting and dancing (ballet and ballroom dances).

In 2011 she graduated the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy with Bachelor‘s degree in drama acting. In 2013 Gabriele obtained her Master‘s degree in acting (supervisor of both study programmes is Professor Jonas Vaitkus - one of the most famous Lithuanian theatre and film directors, currently the director of the Russian Drama Theatre). Gabriele has been participating in Lithuanian and foreign film productions (e.g. a Spanish film „Silencio en la nieve”, where she played Zira), TV shows (e.g. hosted the morning TV programme „Rytas su BėTėVė“ with BTV Channel, „Naujienošana“ with Lietuvos rytas TV Channel, etc) and TV serials. Since 2011 she has been performing at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

Denis Semenov

born in 17 february 1982 in Tallinn. Denis is an actor in Russian younger theatre in Estonia. Later on, he shifted from theatre performance to filming at cinema.

His roles in performances on works include Kipling; Chehov; Griboedov; Dostojevski; Pushkin and other famous classics.

Denis keeps making his interests during free time. For instance he loves gardening and Capoeira, playing harmonica, and so on.


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